This page will be updated sporadically with anything from a collage of clothes I'm loving, a few words that have inspired me or maybe even a playlist I can't stop listening to. So many times I will find something beautiful on Pinterest or Instagram and want to share it with you immediately. Here, I'll be able share what I love with you and tell you how I feel about it. I've made an extension of the blog and put a little twist on things. Sound good? Good, I'm excited.


Last Updated: July 9, 2017

I'm a very word-oriented person. I like to read, I love to write and I'm obsessed with how words can impact you. This explains exactly why I love to have a new quote to live by every few weeks. I've written about it here before and I will continue to share how these words impact me because it is something that motivates me everyday. These four quotes are fun and inspiring all at once.

The Anne Klein quote is probably my favorite. Being a fashion blogger and so interested in the fashion & magazine industry, I get a lot of questions about why I care so much about it. It is an industry that had a bad reputation for being shallow. I believe fashion is so much more than looking good - it is feeling good and looking the part.

And on a personal level, there is your own style. Style is an expression of yourself. It is what you do with fashion to make it your own. 

Sometimes it's hard to always be on - to always have your goal in mind, to always be in the best possible mindset - and that's okay. But it's important to stay focused, realize where you're at and keep moving. The top left quote is great because it motivates me to keep working. We all want to be that girl who knows what she wants and works toward it everyday. Let's be that girl today.