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My Five Clothing Necessities

  1. Black Vest
    • Okay, so I am kind of a vest addict. I have three different ones (grey, black and purple) that I absolutely love and I wear one of them at least once a week. They all the perfect addition to any casual outfit.
  2. The Perfect Pair of Jeans
    • Wearing jeans shouldn't be a chore. It is great to always have that one pair of jeans on hand that you can wear with anything and still be comfortable. My perfect pair of jeans are from American Eagle. Seriously, the best place to buy jeans.
  3. Plain Black Leggings
    • Some say they are, some say they're not, but I believe leggings can be pants if worn in the right way. Especially in the winter time, they are such a great options when wearing bigger sweaters or longer shirts. And, they are just super comfy!
  4. A Good Pair of Sandals
    • I adore my Rainbow flip flops and my Jack Rogers Sandals and I believe it is always necessary to have a good pair of sandals. In the summertime, everybody loves to go out and about and there is usually a good amount of walking involved. Comfortable and cute is the name of the game! 
    • Also, a good pair of rainboots and leather boots are a good idea for winter/fall (My favorites are Steve Madden).
  5. Plain Long Sleeve Shirt
    • I have so many plain long sleeve shirts in all different colors that I wear all the time. I put them under vests, pair them with skirts, and whatever else I find to wear that day. They've come in handy so many times for me. All of mine are from Nordstorm BP. You can find those shirts here.



Sunday Afternoon Outfit

okay, so if you follow my blog on instagram, you would eventually figure out that I am obsessed with stripes and this shirt is my favorite go to shirt for warm-ish days. it is lightweight and super versatile. 

the vest is perfect to throw over so many things because it is black and white and adds a new touch to everything. 

and then, of course, my brand new Jack Rogers sandals! they are so cute!! I had been obsessing over jack rogers sandals for so long and then I finally decided it was time to get a pair. I am sure I will be wearing these all summer long. cant wait!

Fashion is art, and culture, and history, and everything I love combined.
— Blair Waldorf

this is a lululemon romper paired with my new liverpool denim jacket from stitch fix*. I am in love with the romper because it is so versatile. it is definitely an outfit for a hot day because of the lighter material and, it has an open back. in the summer, I normally would wear it to the pool as a coverup, but when it is march, it is great because you are able to wear a jacket over it and still be comfortable. yesterday, it was almost 80 degrees and I wanted a cute, but cooler outfit to wear to school, so this is what I chose! 

now, this jacket! it is the softest and stretchiest denim you will ever feel. seriously, it is so comfortable. I normally try to avoid denim jackets because I don’t love the style and they are normally very tight and don’t have much give in the arms (I am a swimmer, so most things are tight in the shoulders and arms anyways). but, when I received my stitch fix last month, I was surprised when I fell in love with this jacket. 

*if you haven’t checked out stitch fix before, it is a must! I look forward to receiving my fixes every month (you can schedule more or less often as well) and it is so fun because it is always something new and different! they will send you 5 pieces every fix, based off of your style profile. it is a $20 styling fee plus the price of the clothes you decide to keep. it is definitely worth a shot- so fun!

xo, emily

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Follow me on Instagram! @thedenverdarling