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Board & Brush Class

Board & Brush Class

I'm home in Austin for the long weekend and my mom booked a class at Board & Brush for this morning. She's gone three times already and always comes home with something very creative and cute every time! 

Board & Brush is a creative studio where you pick a design from their multiple options online, they personalize it for you if necessary, and you build the board and all from scratch. It took about three hours and we walked out with a completely, on our own, totally brag-worthy final product.

We started out with a stack of brand new wood. They gave us the appropriate wood sized based on the stencil we picked. I picked the USA Map which is a pretty standard size and it used five pieces of wood and two brackets for the back of the sign. We were given three minutes to beat at the wood with hammers and meat mallets to give it an older look. 


We even got to pick from a few different stain colors. The one I picked was pretty middle of the road compared to the others but I added more stain to make it a little darker. 

After the stain is where it really gets fun- time for the stencil! Mine was not personalized originally but my mom picked one that was personalized and they already had it perfectly printed and ready to go when we got there. The stencil is a large sticker and we simply placed it on the board, then started painting!

I based my stain and paint color combination off another example in the store because they looked beautiful together. I did two coats of paint mainly because I wanted it to stand out as much as possible against the dark wood. My brother used the same stencil and used a grey with only one coat of paint. You could see the texture in the wood a little more and it turned out great as well. It's really up to you and how you want it to turn out.

For my own personalization, I added a star for every city I've lived in across the United States. I loved adding the dainty personal touch to make it my own. 

14212787_10210834255402086_6892218609462203449_n (1).jpg

My dad is currently in Colorado elk hunting and wasn't able to join us this time :( But the three of us had a fun mom and sibling day!

Board & Brush isn't located all over the country but there are quite a few located in Texas and in the northeast. Check out their website and take a look at their multiple designs. If there is one near you, definitely go check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

xoxo, emily

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