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Books to Read this Fall

Books to Read this Fall

Every few months, I like to update everyone on what I've been reading and give some suggestions. If you've seen some of my older posts, you'll know that I read very slowly so I only have new suggestions every once in a while. Even so, I still love to read and try to read almost every night before bed. 

Rainy Day Sisters / Kate Hewitt

I just finished this book last week and it was one of my favorites of all time. It tells the story of two sisters who live together in a small village in the English countryside and how they deal with their lives coming together. I won't give too much away but it is a great story because it's not just a typical story of sisters...they're half sisters who didn't exactly know each other before living together. The story takes some interesting turns towards the end and it made me not want to set it down. Kate Hewitt has written another Hartley-by-the-Sea Novel and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Wildflower / Drew Barrymore

I began this book not knowing much about Drew Barrymore and by the time I had finished, I felt like I had just sat down and had coffee with her for a couple hours. She is so honest and open with every story she shares in this book and it will make you love her. If you like light reading and quick stories, I would say read this for sure!

The Boys in the Boat / Daniel James Brown

The Boys in the Boat was given to me by my parents as a graduation gift. I began reading it before I started rowing and to be completely honest, it actually scared me a little. After reading about the pain and toughness of rowing, I was afraid this sport was going to kill me. The book is so descriptive and will show you how hard these guys worked to win the gold in Berlin.

Into the Wild / Jon Krakauer

It has actually been quite a while since I read this book but I will never forget it. The story of Chris McCandless is legendary and will continue to be so interesting to me. My roommate and I watched the movie last night and it was the first time I had seen it. The movie and book are pretty similar but if you've watched the movie and liked it, you should absolutely read the book!

The Wild Truth / Carine McCandless

The Wild Truth is a back story to Into the Wild written by Chris' sister, Carine. This is the book I'm currently reading and I think it will be interesting to hear more about the reasons Chris decided to go into the wild. It started off slow but I'm not very far into it yet so I'm hoping I like it. I'll keep you updated!  

Do you have any book recommendations for me? Leave a comment with your favorites!

xoxo, emily

Falling for Fall

Falling for Fall

Back in Norman

Back in Norman