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Desk Inspiration

Desk Inspiration

This post was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Carly of The College Prepster. She is an amazing blogger who was (and still is) my inspiration for my blogging. If you haven't already, make sure to click the link above to visit her blog!

Something I am obsessed with is office spaces. I love to have a great place to sit down and do work. Having a good desk was the most important part of my dorm decorating and the one thing I was most excited about when picking out decorations. I even have a entire Pinterest board dedicated to great office spaces. 

The desk in my dorm room was really the first one I had that was all mine and that I could decorate myself. I really love the look of all white desks.

This desk is decorated with mainly personal photos (placed on the wall with washi tape) that are placed in a gallery wall-like way. I love the look of gallery walls and you can create them with almost anything you want to put on your wall. I love to use printables because they are cheap (sometimes free!) and all you have to do is add a frame (like these $5 ones from Michaels). Printables can be found on Pinterest and you can buy some really great ones on Etsy. When in doubt, look on Etsy, right?! 

This desk from Indiretas Do Bem is the perfect example of how to show off your favorite printables above your desk. And even better? Once you get tired of the decor you have, you can just print new ones!

Photo Source: Arch Zine France

I am in love with this desk set up. The combination of the grey wall and the mint accents created for a cozy workspace. The clipboards on the wall are also a cool and easy decoration. In the photo above they left the clipboards as they were but with a little modge podge and some scrapbook paper you can create a whole new decoration. Use them as a bulletin board or to add more decor to your walls. 

Kate Spade is a great place to get all of your matching office supplies. I have the desk tray and the stapler and they both are a great touch of gold to my desk. 

Paper Source is a great place for all things desk and organization. They have a locations all over the United States and you can shop online. Personally, I love their calendars after a friend of mine bought me one for graduation. I have a very large one that is great to organize yourself and even use it as a placemat for your desk!

Make sure to take a look at the links above at Carly's blog and at my Pinterest board for more desks to inspire you!

As always, I hope you have a great weekend and look out for a new post next week!

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