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Favorite Snacks

Let's be honest, snacks are pretty important. And it's even more important to have healthy snacks. I am a lover of junk food and that's what I always go to when I want a snack. Recently, I've wanted to move away from that. Instead, I want to have good snacks around- the kind that taste good but are guilt-free. All the snacks I have listed here and ones that I LOVE. I'm a very picky eater so if it's on this list, it's probably good. Let's call it Junk Food Eater Approved.

Skinny Pop: I have always loved popcorn but I hated to eat it at home because you always have to pop it and then you get your fingers greasy and it was no good. But Skinny Pop is delicious and it's not greasy at all. It has three ingredients- popcorn, sunflower oil and sea salt. The name says it all: guilt-free!

Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds: Okay, these aren't the healthiest but dark chocolate isn't awful for you. I'm addicted to these. They are just so good. They're a good replacement to other less healthy chocolate snacks.

dang. Coconut Chips: If you like sweet snacks, these are for you. They're exactly what you think: little chips of coconut that have some sweetener on them. Coconut is delicious and you can take it with you wherever you're going with these chips.

Justin's Peanut/ Almond Butter: I had heard so much about Justin's Peanut Butter before I actually tried it. They come in little perfectly sized packets and you can put it on bread, apples or just eat right out of the package. Each package has 7g of protein so its a great snack.

Yasso Bars: Another great dessert. A friend of mine introduced these to me. They are greek yogurt popsicles and they come in a few different flavors. My favorite is the Cookie Dough!

Quaker Rice Snacks: I've met quite a few people who aren't big fans of rice snacks. But me, I love them. Quaker makes them in all different flavors like caramel, cheddar, apple, etc. They make them in smaller bags so I usually just throw the bag in my work bag and snack on them throughout the day.

xoxo, emily

obsession de semaine

obsession de semaine

Happy Fri-yay!

Happy Fri-yay!