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Goals for the Upcoming Semester

Goals for the Upcoming Semester

Eat Healthy/Cook for Myself

I am going to have a much bigger kitchen in my new apartment than I did last year. This being said, I really would love to cook dinners for myself most every night and hopefully breakfast/lunch too. And with that, I would be able to a) save money, and b) eat a little healthier than I would by eating out. This will definitely be a work in progress as I experiment with new recipes and find what works for me and my schedule.

Dress Up More

This may sound silly, but I find that my day is always just that much better when Iā€™m wearing an outfit I like. Last year I found it difficult to get the motivation to put on a cute outfit after practice when I know I have another practice later that day. My goal this semester is to find casual outfits I can wear to class that are easy in the mornings.

Get More Involved

Freshmen year was a good time to feel out my classes, schedule, and making athletics and academics work together in a way I could handle. But this year, my goal is to reach outside of the academics and athletics to broaden my horizons in other areas. I'm excited to see where this takes me in the new semester!

Make Time

It's so easy to get caught in the everyday of school, practice, and homework but my next goal is to make more time for others things I would like to do. Having a break from these things can be healthy and give my mind a break. 

Stay Positive

Again, if you let yourself get caught up in the everyday grind of college, it can get stressful and a little crazy. It's a given that you will experience challenges in college, but with a positive attitude, there should be nothing you can't overcome. 

Make Good Grades

I am very thankful for my high school and how they set me up for college so well because I found the transition from high school to college classes to be pretty easy for the most part. I'm taking 15 hours this semester so I think making good grades in all of my classes is a very achievable goal. 

For everyone else going back to school, I hope you have an amazing semester! 

xoxo, emily

Summer in Austin

Summer in Austin

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