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Mini San Francisco Travel Guide

Mini San Francisco Travel Guide

My family and I have made a little tradition of going to the Napa Valley and San Francisco the first weekend of June for the past few years. My parents (and very recently my brother) have their fun in Napa at all the wineries, and I love to explore the city. I've only been to the city twice but we've done a fair amount of sightseeing both times we've gone. Here are a few of my favorite places in San Fran and around the area.



Sausalito is on the outskirts of San Francisco. You can drive there or you can take a quick ferry that leaves just a few minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge. This is a great place to grab lunch and take in the beautiful view of the Bay and the city. We ate at Scoma's, which is on a dock and it is a great place to sit outside to eat. The food was great and the atmosphere was even better. There is also a great ice cream shop called Lappert's right in the center of Sausalito. We didn't get the chance to go because the line was out the door when passed by- but that should be proof enough that it was pretty dang good!

Painted Ladies/Full House House

So, the real Full House house isn't quite what you would think it is. It's a little underwhelming and has since been purchased by a single family who has repainted the house. But, the Painted Ladies (also featured in Full House!), is definitely worth a visit. Across the street from the houses is a park that would be another great place to just relax and take in all the beautiful views the city has to offer (& maybe even take a picnic!). Directly behind the Painted Ladies, you can see the city on a clear day or the fog on a not-so-clear day. Both are worth it to check out! 

Muir Beach

Muir Beach is only about 30 minutes from downtown San Francisco. It's a pretty small beach but the locals seem to like it a whole lot and it is absolutely beautiful. You can even hike up a hill right beside the beach to get some really great views of the water. I wasn't able to get the best photos when we actually got to the top but it is one of those things you just have to see for yourself. Definitely worth it!  

Pier 39/Fisherman's Wharf

We've gone to Fisherman's Wharf the past two years, pretty much for one main reason- the sea lions. They are famous for perching themselves up on to the floating docks right beside the pier. They draw quite the audience as they try to get some sun and just do sea lion things :) 

Other Fun Things:

  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Ghirardelli Square
  • Boudin Bakery
  • Drive down Lombard Street

Do you have any favorite places in San Fran?

xoxo, emily



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