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Apartment Decor, Year Three

Apartment Decor, Year Three

Creating mood boards has become one of my favorite things to do lately. I began making the one above last summer and it turned out to be much bigger than I had originally planned, so I left it with a few blank spots and came back to it this summer. I finished it with a ton of clippings from Vogue's latest issues. I even got a few to hold onto for some decor I'll be doing this fall. 

Around this time of the summer, I always start thinking about how I want to decorate my new apartment for this upcoming school year. I love that with every new school year I'm able to revise exactly how I want my apartment to look. 

There are a few main things I always focus on: the color scheme, my desk space and good wall decor. 

Color Scheme // I always start with a few good colors, then spread from there with a few different shades of this or that, here or there. The past two years I've used mainly pink, navy blue and grey. Grey will always be one of my favorite colors, so you will likely see that in my decor for the foreseeable future.

This year, I'm loving green more than anything. I want to get a new comforter like this one to keep the colors even and clean. I may go back to the navy and grey look if I find that it looks better, but I'm ready to switch things up. 

Desk Space // This is ALWAYS my favorite part to decorate because I need a good desk space in order to work well. A few years ago, I made some pin boards that were grey and cream and I'v used them the past two years in my room - I've loved using them! 

I've found so much inspiration on Pinterest for dreamy office spaces that I made a brand new board just for desk & office spaces. Some of my favorites (all photos from Pinterest):

Wall Decor // Probably one of the things I spend the most time thinking about is wall decor. Because I have some different ideas for my desk space, I'd like to create large mood board to decorate an entire wall in my bedroom. Much like the ones in the photos above, I want to create a coherent look for the wall that can add depth and character based on what it is I like. What I love most about mood boards is that they are handpicked by the creator and they show exactly what colors and looks the creator is going for. It would be a source of inspiration throughout the year - it would even be something that I'm able to edit throughout the year. 

Another idea for one wall is removable wall paper. Urban Outfitters has some great ones and so does Target. Of course there are thousands of other wall papers out there, but they can get pretty pricey. The only downside to the removable wallpaper is that it is not reusable, which can make them seem a little more expensive when it's only for one year.

These are my three biggest (and most exciting) pieces to putting together a room and I'm just getting started with ideas. There will be a PART TWO to this post in a few weeks with all the other details that can really make a room come to life.

Thanks for reading, and make sure to tell me what you love most about decorating by leaving a comment!

xoxo, emily

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